Our Mission

Berkshire Agricultural Ventures’ mission is to support the development and viability of local farms and food businesses.

We do this by offering technical and business assistance, and provide flexible financing options including low-interest loans and grants, and other resources. Learn more about How We Help

Through our services, we lay the groundwork for building a robust, local food economy that makes fresh, healthy food available to all. Our service area includes farmers and food makers in Berkshire County, MA; Columbia and Dutchess Counties; NY, and Litchfield County, CT.

photo credit: Laura Meister

Given all we’ve accomplished since our inception in 2017, it’s become clear that our priority areas include the following:  

  • Regenerative agriculture: Strategies that help keep a farm system healthy and resilient in the face of climate change such as agroforestry, integrated crop/livestock systems, rotational grazing, water management, increasing pollinator habitat, solar power, and carbon sequestration through no-till farming.
  • Improving land access: Partnering with land trusts and others to make farmland affordable for farmers.
  • Growing season extension strategies: All-season growing, including cold storage, climate-controlled greenhouses using renewable energy and aquaponics.
  • Processing and regional infrastructure: On- and off-farm processing equipment and facilities to increase income and enhance economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  •  Strengthening business viability: For small to medium scale producers while encouraging use of sustainable practices and improving community access to cost-competitive local food.
  • Food Access: Widening local food access by matching both farmers and local food distribution businesses with a larger pool of committed local partners: farmers markets, farms, and food businesses alike. 

Our mission and priority areas align with the New England Food Vision. Which states that by the year 2060 New England has the potential to produce 50% of the food it’s communities consume; a future where our regional food system supports healthy food for all, sustainable farming, and thriving communities. Berkshire Agricultural Ventures’ work is driven by this aspiration.

BAV is a 501(c)3 IRS tax-exempt, nonprofit based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Our work in the local food sector is funded by donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses.

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