photo credit: Laura Meister/Farm Girl Farm

Community Investment

BAV offers entrepreneurs the opportunity for financial support from money contributed by their neighbors, their customers and other people interested in helping them succeed. BAV’s growing list of supporters together fund local food businesses that are aligned with our mission and values. You can join in growing our community and fostering economic development throughout the farming and food sector in the Berkshires and neighboring areas.

For more information on how you can partner with BAV, please contact us directly.

Startup funds, working capital and other forms of financial and technical assistance are critical to the survival and success of farms and food businesses. This is especially the case in the face of seasonality, unpredictable weather and a fluctuating need for support. Traditional lending organizations can put these much-needed resources out of reach for many farmers and small food businesses.

BAV is meeting entrepreneurs’ needs by providing flexible grants, loans and technical assistance in support of food businesses. We are meeting the demand and growing the opportunity.

For every barrier or challenge in the food sector supply chain from producers to food businesses to consumers, there is an opportunity for addressing it. It is BAV’s mission to address these issues in ways that create jobs, and return more dollars directly back to farm and food businesses and the local economy.

photo credit: Laura Meister/Farm Girl Farm

BAV Community Investment Fund

The BAV Community Investment Fund facilitates small and medium capital and infrastructure loans, grants and stipends to support technical assistance and business development. This fund is open to anyone who wishes to donate. It is designed to provide a range of flexible financial and technical assistance support options to farms and food entrepreneurs.

To ensure that our Community Investment Fund monies are allocated in as sound a manner as possible, BAV is developing a due diligence application and review process. Building upon our experience to date with our successful projects, we will assess each potential application for a loan, grant or stipend on the basis of its expected business and community impacts, as well as the need, resources and capabilities of the applicant business.

For more information on how to contribute to this fund, please contact BAV directly.

With BAV’s Community Investment Fund, we will support multiple innovative and enduring food and farming enterprises that strengthen our community and the local and regional economy over time. We will keep a running list of projects and opportunities with the greatest potential business and community impact in terms of social, economic and environmental benefits.

If you have a candidate project or projects to recommend, please let us know.