photo credit: Angela Cardinali

Technical Assistance

To complement our financing support, BAV provides wraparound technical assistance and educational programs that build capacity and teach new skills to entrepreneurs and business owners.

We provide low- to no-cost technical assistance to farmers and food entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses. BAV also identifies and helps ensure an ongoing supply of affordable and productive farmland to meet community and regional needs.

Through our staff and consultant team, we offer a variety of technical assistance including:

  • New entry training
  • Business/transition and financial planning
  • Business expansion including value-added
  • Value-added and post-harvest planning and processing
  • Land tenure/ownership
  • Labor recruitment
  • APR enrollment
  • Cover crop management and working landscapes
  • Marketing and branding
  • Customer service, consumer relations, relationship management
  • Bookkeeping/recordkeeping

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