photo credit: Laura Meister/Farm Girl Farm


“Thanks to networking, funding and technical assistance provided by Berkshire Agricultural Ventures over the past nine months, we have gained an increased understanding of our farm’s financial picture, which has enabled us to pair down our enterprises, increase prices, confirm our commitment to purchasing local and non-GMO inputs and renew our marketing strategies. We look forward to assessing the impact of these changes and increasing our capacity to improve the farm’s financial stability for years to come.”

—Amelia & Will Conklin, Sky View Farm

photo courtesy of Marty’s Local

“We were very fortunate to connect with Berkshire Agricultural Ventures early on in the process. They have a terrific network of external resources as well as in-house expertise, ranging from advisory to financial to technical assistance. We would not have been able to grow the way we have without BAVs support.”

—Nick Martinelli, Marty’s Local

“Hosta Hill is extremely grateful for the resources, support and funding Berkshire Ag Ventures provided to us. They were instrumental in making connections and providing technical assistance and funding to support our growth. With the help of BAV, we expanded our marketing strategy that, in turn, continues to strengthen our brand and business in the region. Berkshire Ag Ventures’ care and attention to farmers and producers is an invaluable source to our community and will be for years to come.”

—Maddie Elling, founder/owner, Hosta Hill

“The support we have received from Berkshire Ag Ventures has been invaluable to North Plain Farm. The technical and financial assistance resources they provided helped us to identify and purchase our land, giving us the opportunity to expand our dairy, meat and produce business. We are settling into our new home and look forward to future collaborations with BAV.”

—Sean Stanton and Tess Diamond, North Plain Farm