Growing the Future of Food in our Community

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Look deep into the beautiful rolling hills around us and you’ll find a long history of farming and the richness of fertile soil that define our region’s landscape. For much of our history, we ate what we produced. With careful tending, our food and farming sector can again yield a tremendous bounty.

Berkshire Agricultural Ventures is a nonprofit that is working on the ground and investing in food producers in our local and regional communities. Together, we are doing the important work of connecting farmers to consumers in innovative and creative ways, with new businesses like food hubs, regional processors and commercial kitchens that make fresh, healthy and local food available to more people.

By engaging donors, community leaders and experts in the field of food and business, we work to support the growth of this much-needed food sector — today and into the future. These efforts are fundamental to our regional food security. And this is why we need your support to plant the seeds for our future.